Fundraising Solutions for the Charity Sector

We are first and foremost charity people – our senior leadership team has worked with and for the sector with a combined experience of over 50 years delivering technology-based solutions to fundraising teams. We believe this gives us a key differentiator over our competitors in having a real-charity world experience of the challenges faced by busy fundraising environments and the dependency on good reliable partnerships.

Products for Our secure, access anywhere

Web-Based Platform & API

Media Hub

Media Hub is our image and media retrieval solution. The media hub holds and sorts all supporter-based media files: gift aid, whitemail, direct debits, sponsorship or any other supporter media correspondence files. View or download media via our platform, API or Salesforce plug-in. 

Supporter 365 View

Our Supporter 365 View is our light-weight alternative mobile solution for accessing your supporter data.  Data is supplied via an automated housefile import or our API. Contact info, addresses, donations, gift aid & attributes/flags are all available to view at supporter level through our powerful contact search engine.

Gift Aid Manager

Gift Aid Manger is more than just tax claim submissions. Accrue, draft, submit and claim income through our powerful gift aid audit management tool. Build custom exclusions, find and repair income failing gift aid rules, track historical changes and view/report against historical claims. Compatible with our Salesforce plugin.


The stats are in the data! Pulling data through to our platform and using integrated Power BI we can cut and slice your stats at any level. Whether you want to interrogate your fundraising or gift aid specific stats, Analytics will help maximise the quality of your data as a clean and concise visual representation, vital to building future fundraising strategies.


one tool, one platform

Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

We have built fundraising-centric solutions for the sector for over 15 years, responding to and addressing requirements while charities focus on raising much-needed funds to deliver their organisation’s core values and purpose.

We learn about the organisation’s we work with. We create and deliver technology-led solutions, all the while looking at ways to enhance and evolve reliable, sustainable solutions charities require.

In the workshop 2022

  • Supporter 365 Manager (Product)
  • New API Methods : New features – Salesforce Plug-in :
  • New MS Dynamics Plug-in : New Power BI Reports




Platform & Power BI


What You Get

Access Anywhere

Secure Multi-Factor Authentication

Customer Support

3rd Party API Support

Seamless Updates

User Roles

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

mobile working / crm migration

Planning a CRM Migration?

The GES team has worked on many migration projects on varying levels working directly with and for the not for profit sector as employees, consultants and solution providers.

We understand the time, cost & quality of resources required in undertaking migration projects from sourcing providers through to hiring technical experts and the pressure of timescales your charity needs to invest in to implement.

We also understand the huge investment over the years with developing and maintaining dependent back office processes together with third party integrations, staff training and investment in hardware and cloud storage servers. 

The constraints of an on-premise solution and the burden on your technical infrastructure have never been more impacted than in our current pandemic world.

Book now for a no commitment demo on how we can help to keep you fundraising.

We can get you up and running, quickly and easily, with an always on, accessible anywhere web-based view of your CRM’s supporter data regardless of the CRM you are currently using.

Enable your fundraising teams to continue to provide support working from home, satellite offices or on the move with our supporter 365 view. Whether this be as an interim solution mid migration or as an alternative cost effective solution for your longer term CRM strategy we can help.


Fully Responsive

Built For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

We provide your organisation with a secure reliable access anywhere, anytime web-based platform. To maintain and manage all important fundraising data-led touchpoints which makes it possible to maximise supporter journeys whilst protecting your governance mandatory requirements.


Choose A Subscription That Works For You

We have three levels of subscriptions and modules can be purchased individually or you can combine for a powerful fundraising tool. Contact us to get a tailored quote based on your requirements.

We’ve outlined example costs based on our Media Hub Module.




Don’t See Your CRM Listed?

We’ve listed CRM’s which we have already integrated our platform with. We’ve been working in the sector for a very long time so we understand fundraising data.

If we don’t already have the knowledge in-house from our team of charity based data analysts for your particular CRM we can work with you to set-up the data feeds required to use our platform. We’ve already worked with organisations using bespoke CRM’s and even one client we successfully migrated data from a set of excel spreadsheets for use with our Gift Aid Manager product for tax claim submissions. 

Let’s Collaborate

As an experienced charity-focused team, we understand and so will pre-empt the challenges you face, specifically managing fundraising back-office processes. We believe it is our USP – to be one step ahead of the issues we know will challenge the sector over the next few years.

We understand and know charity dependency on good fundraising data. We can be your Gift Aid solution, but we can be so much more. We understand you need intuitive decision-making solutions. It’s what we do.