Gift Aid Services

With over 50+ years of combined experience in fundraising and technology within the charity sector, our Gift Aid knowledge has helped many charities to understand the sometimes complex HMRC rules on tax reclamation.

Since Dec 2019, we’ve indexed and validated over one million Gift Aid declaration forms helping to make every gift count.


Bringing Peace of Mind to Your Gift Aid Scheme

We believe the most crucial part of the Gift Aid scheme process is the Gift Aid declaration. Many organisations strive to get Gift Aid right whilst remaining HMRC compliant.

But we know that this scheme, which has been in place now for twenty-two years, often leaves charities feeling vulnerable. We have the services, experience, and know-how to bring peace of mind to your Gift Aid scheme.



For many organisations, Gift Aid represents a significant income stream. A good Gift Aid scheme is wholly dependent on developing robust best practices avoiding the risk of failing a Gift Aid Tax claim audit. To help charities avoid risk while maximising income, we work with you to identify any weak links.

Historical Validation

Giftease Solutions began life as Scanstore in 2003 before Blackbaud bought the service to become BBGA. When their service ended in 2019, we were approached by charities to restart this service. Since September 2019, we have validated and indexed over one million Gift Aid Declarations.

Repair Programme

Based on our historical validation service, we can repair invalid or missing declarations, cancelling any liability on Gift Aid claimed. The outcome of the repair programme enables us to work with your CRM provider to update your Gift Aid tables with the new validated Gift Aid information.

Validation Service – We can index & review up to 60,000 images per month

Complete Validation Service

There will inevitably be issues to resolve with active Gift Aid programmes running for 22 years. The most common problems we see are missing declarations and errors such as unticked Gift Aid boxes. If these Gift Aid Declarations are being used to support current tax claims, the charity is at risk of failing an audit.

The Professional Services team at Giftease Solutions will work directly with you to validate your written declarations. We help you evidence to HMRC the audit trail required for both Oral and Web-based Declarations.

We review every written declaration, indexing valid declarations and adding a “Reason code to failure” to every invalid declaration. We identify your liability which the invalid declarations put at risk.

We also confirm the made dates on every declaration helping to support a programme for revalidating the tax status of donors on particular older declarations. We even identify the No Declarations to ensure that your records reflect the correct Gift Aid status!

“We discovered a historical issue with our gift aid data on our CRM, and the more we investigated internally, the more aware we became of the huge task ahead of us. At a time when we had reduced staffing due to COVID, it made sense to bring the experts in, and Giftease were my first point of call after knowing that they were HMRC recognised for software and provided charity gift aid training.

Phil swiftly reassured me that the issues we had could all be resolved, and it was clear from the outset that her Gift Aid knowledge was second to none! They led a full validation and repair project for us with clear deliverables and timelines, and it was much more cost-effective than if we had to carry out the work internally at the hospice. Phil continues to offer support to my team, and as Head of Income Generation, I am now confident in our gift aid compliance and audit trail. I would highly recommend. “

Stephanie Lacaille-Burton

Head of Income Generation, Eden Valley Hospice

Repair Programme

Encompassing Repair Programme

Working from a letter matrix format and using repair codes from our validation service, we can assist charities in identifying supporters who require a repair letter. Allowing the supporter to become valid for Gift Aid again and cancelling your liability on Gift Aid already claimed.

The outcome of the Repair Programme enables Giftease Solutions to work with your CRM provider to update your Gift Aid tables with the new and validated Gift Aid information.

We can even provide a full breakdown of securely claimed gifts vs liability income with supporter and gift counts broken down by tax year or even tax month. We’ve also assisted in presenting back findings to senior leadership teams and internal and external financial auditors.

Gift Aid Discovery Day

To protect the anonymity of your organisation, we will work with you (under an NDA) to assess your current processes. We will speak with the people responsible for running the Gift Aid scheme and follow up with a full assessment report of our findings.

Giving you the time and space to make longer-term commitments to ensure your charity maximises Gift Aid and remains free from the risk of HMRC penalties.

Maximise Gift Aid

Assess the opportunities to maximise Gift Aid

Assess Impact

Assess the impact of your chosen IT system

Identify Gaps

Identify gaps in your organisation’s End to End Gift Aid processes

Prepare Report

Review findings and submit report and recomendations

Gift Aid Training

For over 20 years, Giftease has worked with the charity sector to bring clarity and transparency to the Gift Aid tax claim process.

With over 50+ years of combined experience in fundraising and technology within the charity sector, our Gift Aid knowledge has helped many charities to understand the sometimes complex HMRC rules on tax reclamation.

Contact us for more information on the types of training we can provide your organisation. Alternatively, click on the link to check out Gift Aid Workshop training through our training partner at The Charity Knowledge Hub.

Cornwall Air Ambulance

Phil is our “go to” person for Gift Aid. We recommend her training to other charities wanting to make the most of fundraising opportunities for future gift aid claims.


I highly recommend anyone who depends on Gift Aid as a serious income stream, and needs direction and support to attend one of Phil’s Giftease workshops. 

Tenovus Cancer Care

Two members of our team attended a Giftease workshop in 2014. The knowledge that they gained was invaluable. Phil has continued to be a great source of support.

Combine Gift Aid services with the following products for an end-to-end Gift Aid solution

Gift Aid Manager

Check out our platform page to see information about our HMRC Recognised Gift Aid Manager Product.

Accrue, draft, submit and claim income through our powerful gift aid audit management tool. Want to import data directly from your CRM or your online platforms such as Facebook, Just Giving or Engaging Networks?

We can help.

Media Hub

Media Hub is our image and media retrieval solution.  The media hub holds and sorts all supporter-based media files.

Media files include Gift Aid, whitemail, direct debits, sponsorship or any other supporter media files you wish to store. View or download Gift Aid declarations as a supporter centric media storage solution with quick and direct search criteria.

All are easily accessible via our secure web platform.

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