Media Hub 

Media Hub is our digital image and media retrieval solution. The media hub holds and sorts all supporter-based media files: gift aid, whitemail, direct debits, sponsorship or any other supporter media correspondence files. View or download media via our platform, API or Salesforce plug-in. 

the web-based digital image retreival solution

Media Hub

With Media Hub you can store tens or even hundreds of thousands of digital media from gift aid, whitemail, direct debit & donation forms, sponsorship forms or any other supporter media correspondence indexed against your supporter housefile. 

Access via our fast and intuitive powerful contact search engine, media type of date of media creation.

If you media is not indexed speak to us on how we can provide, via our professional services team, an indexing service where we can index your documents into an easily sortable and accessible collection of your digital media.

Build custom integrations with your host software using our API, of if you are a Salesforce user take advantage of our pre-built salesforce plugin and access media directly from with your Salesforce environments.



Integrates seamlessly with Salesforce or build custom integrations with our API


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