The New Standard in Managing Charity Data

Modern Data Stack

The Future of Data

Manage, engage, and grow your organisation’s data with our secure web platform. Unify all data channels to create a 360-degree view of your supporter and prospect data.

Built on the modern data stack, we remove the need for complex in-house data engineering by using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Modern data infrastructure looks very different in 2022 from even ten years ago. Today, many data teams at leading commercial software companies leverage “the modern data stack”, a combination of tools that simplifies managing enterprise data.

The need for management, analysis and operationalisation of data has required every charity to consider optimising data infrastructure to drive better outcomes for fundraising.

Giftease Dashboard

One tool, one platform, maximum flexibility

One Platform

With a range of products at launch, we converge back-office processes into beautifully designed, intuitive and accessible solutions delivered as the complete charity toolbox.

We can release the shackles of your on-premise CRM and provide a more transparent and unified way to view your online fundraising data.

We have the tools to help you get things done.

Product – Analytics

Built in Power BI

Choose from our “out of the box” designed reports, or let us create custom reports tailored to your exact requirements. 

Analytics is our powerful business intelligence tool. Blending your data with our platform and, on a frequency that suits you, we use integrated Power BI to cut and slice your statistical data.

We understand the costs and time it takes to create an on-premise data warehouse solution, so we built it for you.

Analytics will help maximise the quality of your data as a clean and concise visual representation, vital to building future fundraising strategies.

Why Our Platform?

From interactive power BI to a fully comprehensive gift aid management solution, we take care of the data engineering and create the products, so you don’t have to.

We provide all of our products on a transparent, flexible and affordable monthly subscription. The best part is that we are charity people with a combined experience of 50+ years in the sector working directly for a range of UK charities. 

We have first-hand knowledge of fundraising processes, sector-based CRM’s and the underlying data. The first-hand knowledge gives us the means to implement in days, not weeks, months or even years.

As we know, based on our own experiences working in the sector, some implementation projects can take.








Integrate With All Leading Charity CRM Products

As the creators of Scanstore, which Blackbaud Inc. acquired back in 2005, we’ve been working with charity fundraising products for over 20 years.

We have an extensive understanding of how the underlying data in many CRM products and online platforms is structured. This understanding means we can build the extraction scripts for the data that matters quickly and easily.

You tell us what data you want to see in the platform, and we get to work taking care of the engineering.

Leaving you to sit back, log in and see the data the way you want it.

Product – Quick View (Light & Dark Modes)

Multi data channels combined into a single view

Quick View is our lightweight alternative mobile solution for accessing supporter data from your CRM and online platforms, such as Facebook & Just Giving, or offline spreadsheets/datasets.

Connecting to just one or all data channels provides a seamless combined 360-degree view of your supporters.

 Access an overview of your supporter contact, addresses, donations, gift aid, media, & attributes/flags information from anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Gift Aid Manager

Gift Aid Manager is more than just tax claim submissions. 

Accrue, draft, submit and claim income through our robust “gift aid audit” management tool importing data directly from your CRM.

Build custom exclusions, find and repair the income which fails gift aid rules, track historical changes and view/report against historical claims. 

Happy with your Gift Aid solution but looking for a solution to maximise your online donations, such as Facebook? 

Gift Aid Manager is your solution. Connect directly to Facebook via the API, synchronise your data, draft and submit and keep a historical record all within our solution.

  Over 1 millon transactions with a Gift Aid value of £3m+ have been claimed by charities, via the HMRC gateway, using Gift Aid Manager.

Media Hub

Media Hub is our image and media retrieval solution. The media hub holds and sorts all supporter-based media files. Media files include gift aid, whitemail, direct debits, sponsorship or any other supporter media files you wish to store.

View or download media as a supporter centric media storage solution.


Are you using Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics? You can save on high storage costs by storing your media on our platform.

You can access your media directly from your CRM supporter’s record using our plugins.

No fuss, no hassle, just a cost-effective and smart solution.

Professional Services

Gift Aid Services

We’ve been delivering Gift Aid solutions and services since 2003. If you are looking for gift aid training, documentation of a discovery day or help with repairing your historical gift aid program, we’ve got you covered.

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We are working hard to deliver a new interactive website packed full of content including product case studies, videos, screenshots and more in-depth features and benefits.

Join Our Beta Program

We are really excited to be launching our new platform to the charity sector. We are currently working with charities of all sizes across the sector who enjoy the benefits of a ubiquitous web-based charity solution. 

Committing to the tenets of our secure & reliable service, we want to ensure that we give the best possible user experience to all of our clients.

Our program is currently only open to UK & US registered charities before public release.

Apply today to join our beta program and get a demo of how you can achieve the new standard in managing charity data.

Please let us know what products/solutions interest you so we can ensure the right member of our team gets back to you.