The Gift Aid Management Specialists

We manage Gift Aid to reduce your charity’s risk, maximise your income and put you back in control.


We will index, verify and provide online retrieval for all your historical and current gift aid declarations


We will health check and analyse all your gift aid related data including all historical tax claims


We will provide online and in-house Gift Aid training and manuals for all of your staff

We Understand

For many charities trying to work through the maze of Gift Aid HMRC rules and regulations can be daunting and confusing with conflicting advice from different sources. At Giftease Solutions we believe Gift Aid should be a dependable risk-free income stream on which your charity can have confidence of being both HMRC compliant and deliver a regular source of income.

But we know for many charities the reality is Gift Aid can be an administrative burden and for some a potential financial liability.


We have been providing Gift Aid related products, services and training to the sector for over 15 years.


Our software products are recognised by the HMRC for Gift Aid submissions to the Government Gateway.

What We Do

We will give your gift aid scheme a clean bill of health by validating all historical and current gift aid declarations.

We will even check the validity of your supporter data by checking your contacts, addresses, donations and gift aid attributes/flags against the HMRC rules required for making a successful tax claim.

To complete the process and offer you an end to end gift aid management service we can process gift aid declarations on an ongoing basis, by automating regular data transfers from your host CRM and using our gift aid validation engine to prepare your tax claims for you, for review and submission all via your own secure customer portal.

We will also assist with the tax claim writeback process to your host CRM system.

Speed & Accuracy

We index over 60,000 declarations per month and all of our processors are trained by our in-house Gift Aid experts.

Online portal

All your indexed declarations and indexing counts will be accessible via your own secure dedicated client portal.

How We Do It

We offer an unparalleled gift aid statistical data model recording failed declarations by reason code. This, together with your supporter giving history, enables us to create a breakdown of ‘Secured’ vs ‘Liability’ income on tax already claimed.

By pinpointing the reason why a declaration has failed we give you the information you need to identify and repair gift aid declarations, securing historically claimed income.

We can assist or deliver presentations of our findings back to the senior leadership team, internal or HMRC auditors and, where required, develop and deliver a Gift Aid repair strategy bringing your organisation peace of mind.

our software

All our software is developed in-house meaning we can adapt quickly to your needs and requirements.

Synchronize Data

We automate the data imports from clients, so we have the latest up to date information on your supporters.

What You Get

Access to your digital gift aid declarations via our secure customer portal, a statistical year on year breakdown of your historical tax claim information and a comprehensive individual breakdown of a supporter’s current and past gift aid status for every historical gift and tax claim made.

Each client has their own unique secure portal which gives you real time statistical information on indexed and reason code counts.

At the end of your project we can return your images and data tailored to your requirements for access using your own document retrieval system, either through your own host CRM or commercial products such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Alternatively, for an ongoing monthly, quarterly or annual subscription you can continue using our portal for easy secured access.

Quick search

Quickly find covering declarations for your supporters by reference number, name or address details.


Full breakdown of your historical tax claims for finance auditing and gift aid repair mailings.


Using our secure SFTP client portal organisations can upload many types of files for validation, including image (tiff, bitmap and pdf) files, word documents, emails & housefile data. All image files are converted to pdf and we run OCR against every document/file cutting costs on validation for word and emails and adding a third layer of OCR to the indexing and reviewing for image files.


Our primary focus is to index and validate all of your forms identifying whether a declaration has the right Gift Aid statement, details on the declaration match your house file, capturing declaration made date and using markers to establish if the declaration is a forward or a retrospective four-year declaration.


Where declarations fail our unique validity test, we will tag and code the reason why every image is either a valid declaration (including Non UK Tax Payer) through to all sorts of reason codes for invalid declarations. This information allows you the charity to then repair the invalid declarations, removing the risk of HMRC penalties.


From your own secure dedicated portal: we offer fast, simple options to download or view indexed media. Accessible with up to 25 concurrent connections based on your choice from our subscription model together with vital statistical data on failed reason codes & “Secured vs Liability Gift Aid Income”.

Client Testimonials

 Due to the sensitive nature of the services we provide to our clients, we continue to work with many organisations under non-disclosure agreements which prohibits us from publicly listing client testimonials on our website or social media accounts. However, current clients (senior managers, finance and fundraising directors) have agreed to provide client references on request.

So, if you are interested in any of our services but would prefer to speak to one of our charity clients first please get in touch and we will be happy to provide you with reference contact information.


View our products page to see how we help you manage your Gift Aid Scheme and make online submissions to the HMRC government gateway


We will provide online and in-house Gift Aid training and manuals for all of your staff


We offer online certificated Gift Aid training, with mandatory and optional modules covering all aspects of Gift Aid from Gift Aid Basics to HMRC Audits and the Benefit Rules.


Some of our clients require a more bespoke learning experience. We will tailor make training to respond to your charity’s requirements, including reviewing your Gift Aid documentation.


At Giftease Solutions we believe in putting the Gift Aid Scheme at the heart of the organisation. We will provide an online, bespoke guide to all aspects of Gift Aid for your charity.

Document Hosting

If you already have digital images indexed, either in-house or by a third party, we can offer secure document hosting as a subscription-based service. Please contact us so we can discuss how we can help you move your document retrieval solution securely to the cloud.


We use 256-bit AES data encryption for our storage facilities and multi-layered security firewall, VPNs, and trusted IP filtering to secure your data.


Your documents will be available 24×7 from our secure cloud-based portal. We offer up to 25 concurrent connections and implement best practice data backup policies.


We have developed our platform based on lighting quick supporter search and rapid retrieval of your documents utilising the latest Microsoft technologies.

Getting Started with Our Services

Simply complete our contact us form and one of our team will be in touch to talk through your requirements. Whether fundraiser, finance personnel or the data team we can talk you through the process.  We have experience working with many different host CRM systems from Blackbaud’s Raisers Edge, Care by Advanced, Salesforce, ThankQ, Microsoft Dynamics to many more bespoke CRM’s.

Our Service is Built Around Your Requirements

Ever since we launched Scanstore in 2004 (later to become Blackbaud Gift Aid) we have provided IT and data services to the sector.

We understand that in an ever-changing competitive marketplace, with tighter controls on compliance, charities require a greater flexibility and value from their service partners, and we recognise the need to offer a safe, secure service which will evolve with your organisation’s requirements.


We have worked in and for the sector for over 20 years. We understand the nuances of media management and the importance of data at the heart of organisational and fundraising strategies.


We have the expertise to create solutions to problems of secure storage, accessibility, and compliance. We have built many bespoke solutions for the most cumbersome of data integration problems.